Click  HERE  to receive a free online market evaluation report

Click HERE to receive a free online market evaluation report

The first thing most people do when thinking about selling their home is go online and start looking through countless listings, spending hour after hour trying to get a sense of what their home is worth. 

With the Cox Home Team, our aim is to get you the information you want and need in a timely fashion. No more sifting through listings that aren't selling to try and guess what your UNIQUE home is worth in today's market.

We offer two no-obligation approaches to help you find out what your home is worth in today's market. Choose which one best suits your needs!  

On-Site Evaluation and Consultation

An onsite evaluation and consultation is the ideal approach if you are considering selling your home within the next 6 months.

We will personally come out to view your property first-hand. You will not be visited by an inexperienced 'team member' realtor. When you ask for Lynda or Jimmy, that is who you meet! You meet with Lynda and/or Jimmy personally will ensure you receive an accurate estimate of the current value of your home. By taking the time to visit your home in person, we are able to factor in variables such as curb appeal and can see the quality of any renovations or upgrades first hand.  It also gives you the opportunity to ask us questions about the market and to get a professional opinion about any repairs or maintenance you are considering completing prior to placing your home on the market. 

Call 613.231.4663 or email to get started!

Online Evaluation

An online evaluation is a great approach if you are just curious about the value of your home and/or are considering a move further down the road.

Simply fill out our free online evaluation questionnaire and you will receive the information you need!  Our team will take the information you provide and will compare your home to properties very similar to yours which have recently sold.  You will receive an email report with photos of sold and active listings as well as information about their size and location so you can see for yourself how your home compares. 

Click HERE to get started on your free online evaluation

Please note that an On-Site Evaluation will yield the most accurate estimate of value. Some home owners start with the online evaluation and then call to arrange the more thorough On-Site Evaluation. Whichever suits your needs best is fine with us! We are here to help!