Our Unfair Advantage

We guarantee our selling clients will never be exposed to multiple representation!*


Would you have a Lawyer represent two clients with opposing goals? 

Then why let your realtor?


Faulkner Real Estate employs a unique business model that allows the Cox Home Team to offer our clients an option guaranteeing they will never be subjected to multiple representation if they choose. This issue is a significant conflict of interest in the Real Estate industry and one that must be addressed.

Since 2012, Cox Home Team has had ZERO seller transactions in multiple representation. This policy ensures our sellers have a choice in this matter, which allows them  to negotiate from a position of strength.

Why is this important? Keep reading!

Multiple Representation: Occurs when two clients working with a REALTOR(s) from the same Brokerage (ex. Royal LePage) on a transaction. When Multiple Representation occurs, both parties, the seller and buyer, are not able to receive advice from their REALTOR on price, negotiating strategy, or what their next steps should be. This puts their 'clients' in a severely weakened position. 

Why are you paying a REALTOR for advice when in multiple representation they can not do the one thing you need - advise! What are you paying a REALTOR for if they can not advise you on price and what to do next when negotiating the sale of your home?

Why would you hire a REALTOR who cannot advise you on the largest transaction in your lifetime? Don't let your REALTOR jeopardize the sale of your home!

If your Realtor asks you to sign the Multiple Representation clause...ask for a new REALTOR.

*Client can choose to not have guarantee applied to listing agreement.



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