Not all REALTORS are the same!


It is difficult to leave a home after living in it for so many years. It's the place where children were raised in the safety and security of a family unit. It's the place where oldest and dearest memories reside. It's the place where friends and community ties were made. For many seniors it's where they spent the best years of their lives.

The Cox Home Team is a highly qualified Senior Specialist team, passionate in serving the special needs of the aging, and understanding the emotional demands the sale of a home and transition can have on seniors. Lynda and Jimmy Cox have repeatedly earned the trust and respect of senior clients, their adult children and families, by working very closely with them, intently listening to their needs and desires, with patience and sensitivity, compassion and respect. 

Lynda Cox Home Team Senior Services

Our passion to assist seniors and their families has led us to develop a network of caring professionals to assist Lynda's clients in downsizing and relocation. Lynda has developed a 'concierge' approach to handling the very specialized needs of seniors and their families. Some of the services we direct/provide are:

  • Moving services specializing in Senior Moves
  • Trusted contractors for painting, flooring, handymen for all the little jobs needed around the house
  • Assistance in downsizing, de-cluttering, clear out and home staging

Lynda's caring attitude is what causes her clients to become friends and her friends to become clients. Her goal is to make the transition the simplest possible. There are many things to be concerned about when moving a senior or elderly family member. Lynda's experience with senior moves helps answers your families concerns and makes the transition as seamless as possible.

Read our testimonials to learn why our senior clientele and their families have continually recommended us to their extended family and friends to help them move a senior family member. 

Slower Pace

There are many seniors who are widowed, living alone in their family home and just aren't sure of the next steps. Those next steps can be overwhelming. The Cox Home Team takes great pride in presenting the next steps, paperwork and marketing plan in a slower paced format. This means our senior clients can relax and feel that at each point of the process, they have time to properly sift and digest the information without being pressured or rushed. 

Well before the sale, Lynda will go over all of the usual contracts, in larger type if requested, and help explain them in layman's terms. This extra consultation will prepare you for all the paperwork that will occur during the transaction and allow you to ask questions or address concerns early so that when an offer is made, our seniors and their families clearly know what they're signing, why they're signing it and what the expectations of the outcomes will be. 


The Cox Home Team understands the decision to transition to another home is a big one and there are lots of housing choices and options for Baby-Boomers and seniors. Lynda and her team will carefully present all the options, even those that won't earn them compensation, such as retirement communities, assisted living or long term care facilities. 

No Pressure Service

We know not all REALTORS are the same. Choosing the right REALTOR, who specializes in senior moves, is vitally important for Baby-Boomers and their parents. We understands that many seniors need ample time to reflect and think about decisions. All of our clients, especially our senior clientele, are never pressured or rushed into making a decision.


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