What is the use of a house if you don't have a decent planet to put it on? 

— Henry David Thoreau


The Lynda Cox Home Team is proud to be a participant in the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation Carbon Neutral ProgramOur goal is to be sustainable REALTORS. To have minimal negative impact on the local environment and community, while supporting Ottawa's growing 'green' economy. Joining the RVCF Carbon Neutral program is a step toward that goal. Learn more about the program here.

We are also part of the National Association of Realtors Green Designation program. A designation for REALTORS looking to expand their knowledge about energy efficiency and sustainability. As of this writing, Jimmy Cox of the Lynda Cox Home Team is the only NAR Green Designation member in Ottawa. Learn more about the program here.

Calculate your own carbon footprint here


Everyday Ottawa residents are incorporating more sustainable principles and practices into their own lives, and they are also becoming more aware and conscious of businesses that adopt green policies and practices. The Lynda Cox Home Team strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. We develop and practice business strategies that go beyond any regulation and demonstrate a commitment to a healthy and sustainable future.  

We believe that championing sustainability allows us to align deeply and engage with our clients on a more meaningful level. Sustainability is now a permanent part in our business agenda. Green practices and policies are considered vital to remaining competitive, while also supporting our "triple bottom line" business strategy. 

Green Business Practices 

Along with our participation in the RVCF Carbon Neutral program, the Lynda Cox Home Team employs numerous 'green' initiatives within their business structure. From keeping our paperwork digital, to eco-friendly printing, advertising methods and materials.

Eco-friendly Printing

Paper is a renewable and recyclable product, so long as you can be sure that it comes from a responsibly managed forest or a verified post-consumer recycled source. All of our Real Estate marketing material is printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper to help minimize our footprint on the environment, while also helping to protect wildlife habitat, ensure clean water and keep forests healthy for generations to come. To learn more about the Forest Stewardship Council here


We use modern printing technology for all of our home marketing materials, from just listed cards to property brochures. Just look at how much waste is created from a traditional print shop in one month!

Traditional Print Shop uses:

  • 20 tons of paper used each month
  • 554 kilograms of waterborne waste
  • 680,741 litres of wastewater (enough to fill one-and-a-half 25 metre swimming pools)
  • 9,025 kilograms of solid waste
  • 17,770 kilograms of greenhouse gases
  • 299,880 BTUs of energy

Our modern, sustainable printing methods help eliminate much of this waste created through traditional printing methods.

Digital 'in the cloud' Real Estate

If you've ever bought or sold Real Estate, you know how much paperwork there is! The Lynda Cox Home Team takes every opportunity to minimize the amount of paper printed and used in our day-to-day activities, but also during the purchase or sale of a property.


How do we do this? 

We incorporate a digital file system that greatly minimizes the amount of paper needed. By digitizing all of our clients files, we can email documents to each other with ease. We also use, when applicable, digital signatures for further reduction of printing and paper. Digital signatures keeps important paperwork for your home secure online, while allowing files to be securely sent via email.


Learning and incorporating sustainable practices into our business and personal lives are integral in defining who we are and how we interact with our community. We are always on the look out for innovative ways to improve our sustainability measures. 


Interested in green housing? How to save money on your utility bills?

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