"Owning a home is a keystone of wealth, providing both financial and emotional security”
— Suze Orman

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person or family will make during their lives. It is a process that needs professional guidance to ensure a successful purchase. The Cox Home Team has years of experience in carefully navigating their clients through this exciting process. When buying with us, you'll love our detailed approach and thorough involvement in finding your next home! But don't take our word for it, click HERE to read some of our clients first hand experiences working with the Lynda Cox Home Team.


This is the potentially the most important step in the buying process with the Cox Home Team. We treat this meeting as an interview where you determine if we are a good match to work together. We listen to your housing needs as well as your 'wish list' items. Together, we identify neighbourhoods of interest, a housing budget and use that to take an initial look through of available listings that might suit you. At the end of the meeting, you decide if you would like to work together to achieve your goals. This initial meeting forms the relationship foundation that is needed for a successful home purchase.


Good Fortune = opportunity + preparation

When you work with the Cox Home Team, our goal is to educate you and walk you through the entire purchase process, step by step. You will be so well prepared when we finally find the house you want, you won't have any doubts about the next step. We value creating a trusting, consulting relationship with you as so much can happen from learning about your 'dream home wish list' to moving day! We ensure you receive up-to-date and relevant current market activity in the are you're interested in, as well as a copy of our Home Buyer's Guide. Knowledge is power.

Get your search started today and be one step closer to moving into your dream home!


Knowledge is power. As your REALTOR® , you will know about new listings daily via email, or we will screen all new listings and only send the best ones to you. Once you have a house that is of interest to you, we will review recent sales to asses current market value and conditions to ensure you make a well informed decision. Before you make any firm decisions, you will have the latest market statistics and relevant real estate trends.


We are easily reachable through phone, pager, email or text messaging. Once we decide we'd like to work together, we determine a communication plan to best suit your needs. In order to stay sharp, we do take a day off during the week (crazy right?), and it is possible that when you need one of us we will be in the middle of negotiating an offer for another client. Thankfully working as team means that if Lynda is not available, Jimmy is and vice versa. If on the rare occasion both Lynda and Jimmy are not available and there is an emergency, Faulkner Real Estate has a unique set-up where another REALTOR® will be available to assist you if needed.


Successful negotiations require the right knowledge, experience and creativity. As your REALTOR®, we will advise you on the optimal strategy in each situation and will always be in your corner. You'll be fully informed during the process, we won't let you make a mistake.


Everything we do is to ensure your satisfaction. However, if you decide that you would prefer alternate representation, our Buyer 'Easy Exit' Guarantee provides you with that choice. Why do we offer such a guarantee? Because we'd want it if we were the customer, no one should feel stuck working with someone they do not wish to work with. But also because we're confident we will surpass your expectations of a REALTOR®.

Don't just take our word for it, read our testimonials from satisfied customers!

P.S - Be sure to read our unique "Buyer Easy Exit Guarantee". When working with the Cox Home Team, you are always in control. Just one of the ways we put you first!